The Reading Room is available in both current and back-issues at fine bookstores and such online booksellers as Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. When ordering online, it is helpful to be specific about which issue of The Reading Room you are ordering and to include the ISBN and editorís name, Barbara Probst Solomon.

The Reading Room is currently available at the following bookstores in the New York City area:

  • The Museum of Modern Art. N.Y. Second floor bookshop
  • Spoonbill & Sugartown Booksellers. 218 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, N.Y.; (718) 387-7322
  • St. Mark's Book Shop, 31 Third Avenue, N.Y. 10003;
    (212) 260-7853

Ingram Books is the US distributor: 1-800-937-8000. For more about The Reading Room's publisher, visit www.greatmarshpress.com.


Above: Drawing by William Anthony

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