The Reading Room is proud to offer readers the best fiction, essays, smart argument, art portfolios and poetry of the moment. Little magazines have always provided the intelligent literary glue for society, and are needed today more than ever. RR brings you strong individual voices from the US and around the world.

The twice-a-year literary journal in book form was created in 2000 by Barbara Probst Solomon, the publisher and editor-in-chief, with the support of the founding Board including Saul Bellow, Stanley Crouch, Juan Goytisolo, Donald L. Maggin, Norman Mailer, Daphne Merkin and Larry Rivers.

The Reading Room has showcased an amazing mix of new and well-established writers (including two Nobel Laureates: Bellow and Saramago) with international reputations. We have also brought to the attention of an American public translations of writers from all parts of the globe: Austria, France, India, Israel, Kenya, Latin America, Morocco, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain. Our poets include Kenneth Koch, James Purdy, Robert Bly and Tomaz Salamun.

The Reading Room is published by Great Marsh Press, which is a sponsored organization of The New York Foundation of the Arts and a member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses.

Editor-in-chief and Publisher: Barbara Probst Solomon
Executive Editor: April Deller
Editors: Andrea Aguilar, Donald Maggin, Daniel Asa Rose, Carlota Fluxà, Julie Obaso
San Francisco Editor Alan Kaufman
Poetry Editor Erik La Prade
Managing Editor: Elise L.F. Fisher
Editorial Consultant: Maier Deshell
Art Director: Julie Schwartzman
Marketing Directors: Cynthia Kane, Sarah Merchlewitz
Webmaster: Crescent Hill Graphics

Saul Bellow*
Elena Benarroch
MaryAnn Bruni
Stanley Crouch
Edward M. Holtzmann
Juan Goytisolo
Enrique Krauze
Harriet Kriegel
Jennifer Lyons
Don L. Maggin
Norman Mailer*
Daphne Merkin
Jed Perl
Larry Rivers*
Barbara Probst Solomon
Carla Solomon, Ph.D.
Maria Solomon
Daniel Talbot
Benjamin Taylor
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Adolfo Barnatan, Constelacion de Carpricornio, 2008

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